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Pizzeria: La Pala Hsinchu

La Pala Hsinchu

The restaurant La Pala is a restaurant serving Italian South. Pala in Italian refers to the meaning of the blade to the pizza oven. There are two people in the birthplace of pizza, in Italy in Naples, in front of the oven: the Pizzaiolo (the teacher who prepares it) and baker (firing hand the pizza in the oven).
The name La Pala for two reasons: 1. In Italy the master pizza chef was always in front of the pizza baker with the shovel, which began to learn the trade in the internship. We started by Pala Pala ...! we were screamed 2. Pala is the second position, we expect ourselves to continue to learn more. Progress can never be complacent, we hope to do even in 60 years as we were taught the old master pizzaiolo with the same passion, because learning the kitchen La Pala there is no end!
Pizzeria: La Pala Hsinchu
Pizzeria: La Pala Hsinchu
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