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In Seoul nowadays there are many pizzerias, and many of them using cheese into small pieces, wood oven and baking powder are defined as original Neapolitan pizza. We in our atmosphere work and study hard to convey the genuineness' of the real Neapolitan pizza. Using ingredients such as Italian foundations, we fermentiamo the log fire twelve hours to bring out the best flavor.

We are a married couple, and ours is a family restaurant, my husband and I have worked and studied Italian cuisine in several Italian restaurants in Seoul. My husband working a year in the pizzeria "Volare" Mr. Du Won Jong became aware of the brand and AVPN and fascinated by the style Genuine real Neapolitan pizza. It 'was really fortunate to work in that place, we still talk often and share information in order to grow and improve.
To search for the flavor of the pizza we were traveling in Japan and also in Naples where we ate a fantastic pizza. We are continuing our work on the wings of that experience, and we do our best to ensure that the flavor is present by the traditional method.
Pizzeria: Panello
Pizzeria: Panello
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