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Pizzeria: Forno D'Oro

Forno D'Oro

Forno d'Oro was inaugurated on 28 January 2015. It is a project that took four years of planning by the chef Tanka Sapkota, owner and chef of the restaurant Come Prima in Lisbon, member AVPN No. 489 from May 6, 2014. To prepare Neapolitan Pizzas Verace been made on site a oven nine tons from a society of Naples, which brought the volcanic stone and other materials. An oven tiles covered with gold. The pizzas are made with the freshest natural ingredients, both Portuguese and Italian. Forno d'Oro is a pizzeria where guests are invited to accompany the pizza with handicraft beer, for which there is a choice, most of them Italian, but also of other parts of the world, mainly Belgium and Germany and Portugal. Since opening day, Pizzeria Forno d'Oro was a great success, was named by the press as one of the best pizzerias in Lisbon, both for quality pizzas to the atmosphere y decor created the restaurant is the work of a the most prestigious Portuguese architects Cristina Santos e Silva.
Pizzeria: Forno D'Oro
Pizzeria: Forno D'Oro
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