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Pizzeria: Ciro Savarese (Anema & Pizza)

Ciro Savarese (Anema & Pizza)

Anema & Pizza was founded in 2002 in Arzano, in the province of Naplesfrom an idea of Ciro Savarese. Grandnephew of one of the oldest families of pizza makers of Naples, the Oliva. Grandson of the founder of one of the oldest pizzerias in Arzano (his grandfather of the same name) and son of Giuseppe, who was also pizza chef, Ciro followed since childhood passion of his father and grandfather, the art of Neapolitan pizza. Ciro takes charge, with care and dedication, from preparation of the dough to the selection of ingredients. But above all with attention to satisfy its customers.
Pizzeria: Ciro Savarese (Anema & Pizza)
Pizzeria: Ciro Savarese (Anema & Pizza)
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