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Pizzeria: Divina Regina

Divina Regina

Passion for what is genuine, good and beautiful. Love of a territory rich in tradition and flavors, value unique and unrepeatable. Are the guidelines that favored the project and the creation of "Divina Regina", the traditional Neapolitan pizzeria that aims at enriching the gastronomic offer of the city of Salerno, offering its customers the "real Neapolitan pizza".
In respect of the faithful historical tradition that characterizes the capital of Campania, the menu offered by "Divina Regina" consists of baked pizza, fried pizza and rotisserie.
All ingredients used in the manufacturing process have been carefully selected after more than a year of study, research and insights, to best meet the criteria of "excellence".
For this, the raw materials, the flour (the best among those present on the market), with mozzarella, tomato, extra virgin olive oil, cheese and salami, are all DOP, chosen in view of national and local agri-food, and such to elevate the pizza plate "gourmet".
Divine Queen intends to conciliate the best combination of tradition - innovation. While respecting production methods linked to the past, the final product has been enhanced with valuable technical solutions. Great attention and study have been directed to making the dough, which complies not only the fundamental criterion of "leavening", but also that of "maturation" to ensure maximum and sudden digestibility of the pizza.
The restaurant boasts a spacious and welcoming, and provides efficient service thanks to the staff extremely professional, from the "master pizza makers", representatives of the new generation, but at the same time with high professional and technical training.
Special attention to those who are allergic to gluten: thanks to a sector comply strictly with the rules, the pizza for "celiac" is good and tasty as any other.
He could not miss a touch of "sweetness", "la graffa", the traditional potato donut, also "Neapolitan doc".
"Divina Regina" love the tradition of "true Neapolitan pizza", and therefore intends to cultivate it with passion and dedication.
Pizzeria: Divina Regina
Pizzeria: Divina Regina
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