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Pizzeria: Nolio


The Restaurant "Nolio" is inspired by the Italian lifestyle and its culture, creativity, and its hospitality. What we are the more we love spending time together with friends and family, share the meal and the joy of eating together. The simplicity of Italian cuisine is combined with the enthusiasm of his discovery.It is hard to get bored because it is perfect for any occasion, from lunch daily at the most important moments. The meals are complete and abundant with its appetizers, pasta, second plates, desserts and of course pizza. All this is accompanied from love chatter Mediterranean and relaxed "doing nothing". And it is often what is missing to Polish culture. So we promote the culinary habits its great food and joy for life.
This gives rise our menu that follows Italian traditions. We use only the highest quality ingredients, from small companies certified in family with long tradition. Our greatest preoccupation is the quality of the product, its taste, authenticity and compliance with environmental standards. We believe that a good product does not need other additions and these are the basics of our cuisine. Simple but rich in taste.
"Nolio" is born from the base of the history and traditions of the Vera Pizza Napoletana. With our many travels in Italy exploring the various regions between customs. Campania is one that has particularly inspired. Our task is to follow the traditions and participate in the development of the True Neapolitan Pizza in Poland.
Pizzeria: Nolio
Pizzeria: Nolio
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