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When we set out to make a better pizza in Bangkok, there was only one place to look: Napoli, the birthplace of modern pizza. In order to make the best pizza possible, using the finest Italian flours, buffalo mozzarella, Italian tomatoes and other artisanal ingredients, we went there first to cook, to work the dough, to experience what it is to make real pizza.
Pizza – like all great Italian dishes – should be a pure expression of product. A pizza in the Neapolitan style should be light and fluffy, the crust fully risen, soft and bubbly, with a slight char along the edges. The tomatoes used should grow in the volcanic soils of Mount Vesuvius, the cheese should come from cows and buffalo in the countryside of Campagnia.
There are ways to make a pizza rise above the rest – and it all begins with the dough. At Peppina, we ferment the dough slowly, using natural yeasts, allowing time for the dough to soften, and rise. This results in a crust that is delicate, fluffy, light and digestible.
Our oven was built by artisans in Napoli, and all 2500 kilos of it was shipped to Bangkok. Our chef/owner, Paolo Vitaletti, was trained in the Neapolitan style of pizza making, and our Pizzaiolo (Pizza chef), was born and raised there. And the ingredients we put on our pizzas are flown fresh from Italy several times a week.
But it doesn´t end there. We also serve chops and steaks over our custom-built, wood-burning grill. Salads and side dishes are made
from the freshest local produce from Royal Project and small organic producers here in Thailand. Peppina also has a deli case with artisan cheeses and meats from Italy that are available to take away.
We also believe that no pizza is complete without a cold beer or a glass of wine. At Peppina we work with Italian craft brewer Birra del Borgo to offer exclusive hand-crafted beers on draught, as well as a wide selection of international craft beers in bottle. We take pride in our carefully made cocktails, using traditional Italian spirits, and our carefully selected wine list that highlights small, independent wine producers who make wines that complement our food.
At Peppina, our mission is simple: to serve the best pizza possible.
Pizzeria: Peppina
Pizzeria: Peppina
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