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Pizzeria: Little Michael's Pizzeria

Little Michael's Pizzeria

In the year 1982, six years before Micheluccio was born, Nonna Rachele Giacobbe created something magical in the shed of her family home in Clayton.
With the mixture of flour, water, grapes, different types of beers and all her love, the family's "Lievito Madre" – Natural Sour Dough Yeast – was born.
Because of Nonna's consistency in preserving the yeast and the generous help from the Giacobbe and Carrafa families in maintaining the beautiful tradition of fermentation, this golden baby of yeast has managed to fully mature throughout it's 33 years.
Nonna Rachele's Lievito Madre has given Micheluccio his passion for pizza and the drive to share his family traditions with the world.
Through his years of experience, countless hours studying the art of pizza and mastering his own unique recipe, Pizzaolo Micheluccio promises to deliver never before seen quality.
"Thank you Nonna for giving me the opportunity to show the world what you´ve created".
"To our Nonni, we love you very much. This is for you." – Micheluccio
Grazie a tutti e buon appetito!
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