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Pizzeria: Verace Pizzeria

Verace Pizzeria

Verace Pizzeria was born in the end of November 2014 by the idea of Stefano Cyrene owners, Ray and Bishop Mario Martellino.
About 60 seats between interior and exterior space located in Macquarie Park. In the local we find a very "rustic" atmosphere that takes us back a little to the origins of true Neapolitan pizza in Naples or otherwise of Campania.
The menu offers a choice of appetizers, salads and pastas that open the scene to the main course of the pizzeria which, of course, is the pizza! Mario Martellino is the pizza chef at the helm of the "PIZZA" section has also recently won the title of best pizza maker in Australia ranking first in the pizza category S.T.G and getting the highest score ever among all competitors in all categories.
Verace Pizzeria wants to ensure every day the best to customers with regard to freshness and quality of ingredients, and proper methods of mixes that make the tasty pizza but also very light and digestible. Most primary products comes from Italy as well as the wood oven.
Pizzeria: Verace Pizzeria
Pizzeria: Verace Pizzeria
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