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Pizzeria: Pizzeria Beatrice

Pizzeria Beatrice

[PIZZERIA BEATRICE] which opened in 2015 Akashi Asagiri is a shop where you can eat authentic Neapolitan pizza. Good at cooking that take advantage of the feature that close to the sea, will be used fresh ingredients, such as octopus and whitebait and mussels that are caught in the Akashi. High temperature use the Naples pizza kiln craftsmen kiln with firewood trees made, pizza, which is a short period of time in the burn up the taste of home just like. Shopkeeper in the young craftsmen who have gained apprenticeship in pizza ray, attracts the eyes of people who craftsmanship that from place to extend the dough until the oven is 3 minutes to visit. The glassed-in store is laid in a well visible position from outside the kiln, diatomaceous earth and soft atmosphere that tree was the keynote is just healing and relaxation of the space. It is a shop that you can experience the real pizza.
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Beatrice
Pizzeria: Pizzeria Beatrice
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