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Pizzeria: Da Zuzu

Da Zuzu

We opened the store June 12, 2014 in Tokyo, Itabashi-ku, Tobunerima area.
We are a restaurant specializing in Italian cuisine of the South and Neapolitan pizza.
To play the popular pizzerias in Naples, we have persisted for recreating the typical taste, style and the traditional costs, without a pasta menu.
The pizza maker and owner Daisuke Azuma studied at the pizzerias associated Vera Pizza Napoletana "Verde Ischia" and "Pancia Piena"; later he traveled to Italy, to Naples, where he studied the True Neapolitan pizza at the restaurant "Ciro a Santa Brigida" dell'AVPN President Antonio Pace.
Pizzeria: Da Zuzu
Pizzeria: Da Zuzu
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