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Pizzeria: Red Vespa

Red Vespa

As the first pizzeria in the state of Iowa to be certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, we are proud and honored to offer a piece of 200 year old Neapolitan tradition. Red Vespa Pizzeria utilizes century-old techniques used by Neapolitan pizza masters to create a truly authentic pizza. The finest San Marzano tomatoes, house made mozzarella, dough made with Italian "00" flour and sea salt form the foundation of our pizza experience. Baked in our handmade wood fired oven, our pizza is charred to perfection, airy and soft with a delicate chew. So come along with us on this delicious ride. "Close your eyes, take a bite, you are there."
Pizzeria: Red Vespa
Pizzeria: Red Vespa
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