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Pizzeria: Artisan Pizza Napoletana

Artisan Pizza Napoletana

Artisan Pizza Napoletana opened in December 2014.
Both the owners, Indra Webster and Jürgen Beck come from very different backgrounds, Architecture and Finance. In early 2014 the owners were given an opportunity to lease a building that previously had a restaurant in it, in one of the up and coming tourist areas in Anguilla.
Due to their love for Italian food in general through their intense travels throughout Italy and more specifically their love for Pizza they realized that while Anguilla was known to be a food destination no one offered traditional Neapolitan Pizza and they believed that Neapolitan Pizza would be a good compliment or addition to the high-end food scene in Anguilla.
Their research brought them to the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana and in April 2014 Indra and Jürgen traveled to Naples to attend the 10 day training at the AVPN.
After the training they started the intense renovation process in the building and importing the necessary equiptment, such as their Wood Fired oven – the goal was to create an urban, modern outdoor space and to use many recycled materials as possible. They built tables, doors etc. from used shipping pallets and other recycled materials - anything that could be built from re-purposed materials was built right on site – "house made".

But the "house made" does not end there – Artisan Pizza Napoletana daily makes fresh pasta in-house as well up to 10 different seasonal house made Gelato flavours as well as other house made specialties. Anything that can be sourced though the local farming and fishing community is being brought in fresh – the other ingredients for Neapolitan Pizza are shipped in from Italy – using only the best ingredients available.
Indra and Jürgen both knew from beginning on that they would like the restaurant not just to simply serve Neapolitan Pizza but also to become the first certified Neapolitan Pizza Restaurant in the Caribbean. So in early 2016 they decided that it was time to start the certification process.
Artisan contacted their good friend Giulio Abussi, who the owners met at the training program in Naples in 2014, to help them with the certification process.

Pizzeria: Artisan Pizza Napoletana
Pizzeria: Artisan Pizza Napoletana
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