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Pizzeria: Officine del Cibo

Officine del Cibo

The restaurant was born from our desire to give the customer a product of excellent quality and our passion in the search for raw materials.
The chef Giacomo Devoto was passionate true Neapolitan pizza after being in Naples to take the course at the AVPN. On that occasion he met the pizza maker Giuseppe Messina that he brought with him and which supports the oven.
The director Lara Lenatti, deals with the management and organization of events.
The objective of the Officine del Cibo is to consolidate the partnership between Giacomo and Lara creating a place where a good pizza is approached true quality cuisine and cultural events, musical level.
Inside the room there is also a small shop where the customer can buy sought-after products from pasta to chocolate.
Pizzeria: Officine del Cibo
Pizzeria: Officine del Cibo
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