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Pizzeria: Antica Trattoria Innarone

Antica Trattoria Innarone

The Innarone restaurant was founded in 1860 as a meeting point for travelers going up to Caserta Vecchia. The name derives from an ancestor whose name was Gennaro, nicknamed Gennarone and then Innarone, given its size. The restaurant, over the years, has grown to become a mainstay in the history of Caserta, also expanding with a garden that is home to both native and tropical animals. Our kitchen, as usual, remains genuine and uses typical local products, coming from selected crops. All the products we serve are fresh and freshly prepared by the expert hands of mother Maria who disdains the use of frozen products, still using recipes handed down from generation to generation.
Pizzeria: Antica Trattoria Innarone
Pizzeria: Antica Trattoria Innarone
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