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Pizzeria: La Base Pizza

La Base Pizza

According to Napoli, authentic and wood make a world of difference!
The one and only real pizza is from Napoli. This pizza has a special quality mark (AVPN). This AVPN shows a lot of importance to the authentic pizza. Pizza as pizza is intended.

The taste of Napoli in Weesp. La base pizza is the only restaurant in Weesp and surroundings where you can enjoy authentic, traditional Napolitan pizza. La base pizza only uses high quality products and imports its products directly from Italy. The quality is well know and all have the Denominazione di Origine Protetta mark that proves the high quality of the products. All pizza's are baked in a handmade, authentic wood oven imported from Napoli, that turns up to 480 degrees. Therefor, the pizza only goes in the oven for 60-90 seconds.

Beside the pizza's, la base pizza serves high quality wines and la base pizza is happy to inform you that it serves only caffe Kenon, the real napolitan coffee brand. This particular brand is served on every street corner in Napoli and now everybody can taste the coffee here, in Weesp at la base pizza!
Pizzeria: La Base Pizza
Pizzeria: La Base Pizza
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