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Pizzeria: Zione


‘Zione´, which specializes in food from the pizza-mad city of Naples, is an Italian
Pizzeria placed at the downtown of Daegu. Zione is located at 50 meters far from the
west side of 삼덕 fire station in downtown, as you reach at famous bar street (대구 중구
삼덕 1가 26-3 지오네). Zione´s goal is offering marveled to see and delighted to eat
dishes at the reasonable price. Zione was once an old Korean house that has now been
transformed into a bustling Neapolitan Pizzeria. This is a large restaurant, with a sizable
open kitchen and a dining area, which has enough seats where you can sit and enjoy
anything from Sorrento Style Lemon Chicken to Shrimp Risotto, or a Buffalo Cheese
Margherita Pizza. All of these dishes can be enhanced with one of the greatest wines,
which include a red Amarone della Valpolicella (Italy), Santero Pinot Chardonnay (Italy),
or a Spumante Brut (France). Zione is new, but has been quickly becoming one of Daegu´
s favourites with many returning happy customers. The head chef started his love affair
with Neapolitan food when he first visited Naples. He was inspired by their use of fresh
market ingredients, carefully sourced cheese, and stone hearth baking, all of which he
has incorporated into his restaurant. Zione´s philosophy is simple : creating an
environment where the people can enjoy healthy and delicious food, inspired by his
travels, in a family-friendly atmosphere. Over the past years, the head chef (Jatae) has
visited the city and area of Italy extensively, even going so far as to have a beautiful
handmade stone hearth built and shipped over. Also he has visited Naples to advance his
skill and got a certificate of the training course of ‘Vera Pizza Napoletana´ recently

Pizzeria: Zione
Pizzeria: Zione
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