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Pizzeria: La Terrazza

La Terrazza

The Neapolitan pizza is maybe the only dish of which every Italian is more or less secretly proud and also jealous. The recipe for Neapolitan pizza is indeed an art handed down, even within families, which often perform at home, as well as in the pizzerias of the city of Naples, of which the pizza is a great pride. To be a real Neapolitan pizza this iconic product of our culinary tradition must meet specific requirements, starting from mixing up the ingredients used to flavor it, all regulated by a disciplinary Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

The sauce, traditionally, has not many variations that you find in the menu pizzerias, indeed, is reduced only three possibilities, the famous, famous, beloved Margherita, the classic version and Extra, and the marinara. To realize them must be used of the specific ingredients: as regards the Neapolitan pizza, the flour must be of type 00 soft wheat, the yeast must be beer, water used the natural one, for the condiment peeled tomatoes or tomatoes, salt marine, extra virgin olive oil. For Pizza Marinara you must add garlic and oregano, while the Margherita Pizza is expected to STG mozzarella or fior di Apennines and basil milk, while the Pizza Margherita Extra Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP must esesre, basil and fresh tomato.
Pizzeria: La Terrazza
Pizzeria: La Terrazza
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