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Pizzeria: Est Ovest

Est Ovest

"East West was founded in 2009 as a pub and pizzeria. During the first years of operation the pizza is just one element of our local supply. With the passage of time the passion takes over and becomes the center of the pizza , something to invest time and knowledge in order to offer a greater quality product. This desire for perfection together with love for tradition leads me in 2015 to want to specialize my offer and I take part in the training course Starita Academy to further standardize my style to that of the true Neapolitan pizza. All this because in Atellano territory serves as a revival of true Neapolitan pizza.Our philosophy is therefore to offer a true Neapolitan pizza made according to traditional methods without compromising on product quality. "
Pizzeria: Est Ovest
Pizzeria: Est Ovest
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