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Pizzeria: Coda di Volpe

Coda di Volpe

Coda Di Volpe is a pizzeria and restaurant in the Southport Corridor of Chicago´s Lakeview neighborhood. Chef/Partner/Pizzaiolo Christopher Thompson took the VPN Certification program for pizzaioli in Napoli in July of 2012 under the instruction of Ciro Salvo and Tommaso Mastromatteo. A life long pizza maker with 20 years in the business, Chef Chris has been thrilled to bring real Neapolitan pizza to this part of Chicago. Impressed with quality and integrity that the VPN brings to Neapolitan pizza, Chef Chris would love to validate his pizza making skills to himself and his diners. As Executive
Chef and Head Pizzaiolo of San Francisco´s beloved restaurant A16, Chef Chris has upheld the standards of the VPN for over 6 years. Now we are looking to bring the same love and validation to our newest concept in Chicago. Coda Di Volpe is a nod to the true soul of Italian Cooking, the cooking styles of the Mezzogiorno, the south of Italy and Campania specifically.
Pizzeria: Coda di Volpe
Pizzeria: Coda di Volpe
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