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Pizzeria: La Dragonara

La Dragonara

The Dragonara, founded in 1958, is located in Cape Miseno. The restaurant - pizzeria takes its name from the upstream "Dragonara Cave", a freshwater tank that supplies Classis Misenensis, the Roman Imperial Military Fleet.
The restaurant, long run by Ms. Elvira, still enjoys today as its strengths the family bond and the passion for work, passed from generation to generation.
The mission of "La Dragonara", from the lovely panorama and the cozy interiors, is always the same, ie the quality of raw materials and hospitality.
The menu retraces the typical scenario of local seafood tradition, while the pizzeria under the direction of Marina has become a constant encounter between tradition and innovation, from the search for flour to the elaboration of "special pizzas" but with an eye always Attentive to the tradition of Neapolitan pizza.

Pizzeria: La Dragonara
Pizzeria: La Dragonara
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