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Pizzeria: Re Denari

Re Denari

New "Neapolitan Pizza and Fried Fruit" money was born in the summer of 2015 from the idea of Alessio Pironti, Alessandro and Antonio Langone, world champion Gluten-Free Pizza (pizzaiolo). The King's Casino offers a Pizza based on the Parthenopea pizza cheesecake, side by side with the Fritti Classici Napoletani. The main products of our Pizzeria are purely territorial, our dough puts its roots in Neapolitan tradition, water, flour, salt and yeast nothing more. We use "0" soft wheat flour with a leavening ranging from 12 to 20 hours at room temperature, as well as beer yeast and sea salt. The product that distinguishes our pizzeria is undoubtedly the gluten-free pizza, characterized by a dough with a mix of corn flour, rice, potato starch, brewer's yeast and leavening that can go from 12 to 48 hours at a temperature of course controlled. For the realization of gluten-free pizza, we have already built 2 wood-burning ovens, built according to the tradition of Neapolitan ovens, Castellabate bricks and décor measures that are the secret of the craftsman Michele Strazzullo.
Pizzeria: Re Denari
Pizzeria: Re Denari
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