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Pizzeria: i Don

i Don

IDon is born as a typical Neapolitan pizzeria. The name itself resumes the typical Don name Neapolitan used as a form of respect and signage and has been registered throughout Europe and the logo of Toto 's effige was bought by one of the most important publicists at the world level Just remember the effigy of the brand Bialetti. The place where the Wood Furnace built on the spot by the Neapolitan masters (Mast Ernest) masters, the whole structure is approaching the typical Pizzerias of Naples we wanted the spacious services to put I gladly offer our customers special furnishings with some goodies like the Tiffany lamps all the gigantographs remind us of ancient Naples and in the little things but not least from the white and red quads tablecloths used in the old Neapolitan trattorias and fortunately the daytime kitchen with glazed windows Where you can see all the workmanship. All of our products are strictly imported from Italy
Pizzeria: i Don
Pizzeria: i Don
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