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Pizzeria: Tarumbò


In 2008, two young friends, an entrepreneur Francesco Scarano and a promising pizzaiolo Raffaele Mancino, decided to take the adventure of managing a pizzeria called "Tarumbò" (from the song by Pino Daniele)
The venue is located in Sant'Arpino within the Cinema Teatro Lendi complex and soon becomes the reference point for the families and boys and neighborhoods of the area.
With a large 120-seat seating 200 inside, a large car park and an equipped air-game is the ideal place for parties and events in general
Many artists such as Biagio Izzo, Carlo Buccirosso, Maria Nazionale, Nino D'Angelo, Giacomo Rizzo, Sergio Assisi, Serena Autieri were guests from Tarumbò and enjoyed the quality of the pizza.
The mission is to meet the needs of customers by treating the quality of the products used and the accuracy of the preparation of the dough.

Pizzeria: Tarumbò
Pizzeria: Tarumbò
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