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Pizzeria: Cos' e Pazz

Cos' e Pazz

Cos' E Pazz - Pizza and Panuozzi is a project born in May 2014 from the ideas of two founding members, Alessio Sorrentino Crotonese and Francesco De Simone Neapolitan resident in Crotone. Our activity opens onto the promenade of Via Cristoforo Colombo in Crotone, a neuralgic center of the Crotone movement, revaluing a small historic warehouse in the city. Our business is based on everything that is the world of pizza, and not the classic catering, and joins the Neapolitan tradition with a vast menu of pizzas with lots of traditional ingredients and pizzas, all in addition to an express paninoteca made at the moment (the Neapolitan specialty panuozzi) and a rich menu of flavors that include various mixed fried, sausage chips, buffalo, boules of Apulia, salad and other various specialties. Our format is young and dynamic and gives a pó the concept of ancient catering. Initially, they started off with a small seating capacity of 45, but after just a year, the positive impact on our city reality showed the possibility of further investing, being able to take advantage of the local border, thus expanding the activity and from 45 existing seats to the current 90. At this moment we are handlers of two neighboring warehouses for a total of 160 square meters with three shutters in full Crotonese promenade. During the winter season, we employ 8 employees in addition to the 2 employees. In almost three years, however, we have become a point of reference in the food industry both in the city and in the province, also participate in various social projects with common and various private entities, succeeding in becoming the first pizzeria of the Crotonese on TripAdvisor.
Pizzeria: Cos' e Pazz
Pizzeria: Cos' e Pazz
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