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Pizzeria: Ardente (Condesa)

Ardente (Condesa)

Ardente, pizzeria Napoletana is a brand new family business. We have more than 30 years linked to cuisine and food with different approaches but each project represents a challenge of historical research, rescue of traditions, values and elements to commit a society with their environment.

In Mexico as well as in Italy kitchen and recipes are our legacy that passes from generation to generation and even today our mother apply her home cooking touch to each dish from the menu. Therefore, when we decided to open our pizzeria on one of the world´s largest and most cosmopolitan capitals, the Italian origin of the pizza was in our mind.

On a family trip in the summer of 2014 to San Diego, California, looking for a restaurant that could offer us that traditional pizza Margherita we discover at Cafe Calabria the existence of certification by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association and realize the value of tradition and recognition needed for our project.

That night when Emilia our 18 months baby's tried for the first time a Pizza Margherita DOC, her face expression assured us that we were on the right track with Ardente.

That memory is today part of our inspiration and commitment to prepare each pizza with the care and the tradition to generate that smile in every one of our clients. We are working to reach our family dream and be the first pizzeria certified by VPN in México.
Pizzeria: Ardente (Condesa)
Pizzeria: Ardente (Condesa)
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