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Pizzeria: O' Peperino e Milano

O' Peperino e Milano

Since 2009 Nicoletta Taglialatela, a truly Neapolitan woman, combines with her originality her passion for cooking with the pursuit of the quality of raw materials, in order to offer a healthy and excellent dining experience in a welcoming environment. Over the last five years, it has devoted itself to transferring Neapolitan food, especially pizza, to the gluten-free world, in order to guarantee the intolerance of a traditional Neapolitan pizza of the highest quality together with the typical dishes of that cuisine. From here, even after the success of this proposal, a wider and new look is born of gluten-free proposals, which for three years has expanded its offer to the ever-increasing number of audiences profound effort.
After the success of the pizza, which was immediately produced in all variants (since the restaurant was already using gluten-free products for seasoning) the look widened to the other menu items
Pizzeria: O' Peperino e Milano
Pizzeria: O' Peperino e Milano
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