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Pizzeria: PizzaPlex


PizzaPlex L3C is a community pizzeria and event space in Southwest Detroit. We serve pizza according to the specific set of rules and steps outlined by Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN) in order to achieve authentic Neapolitan pizza. Each pizza is made entirely by hand with a special technique. We use a wood-fired oven, and the quality of the ingredients is very fresh. PizzaPlex offers an open-doors community space available for everyone and anyone to use, where you can reserve the space for events, parties and other festivities. PizzaPlex started as a dream of Alessandra (Ale) Carreon and her husband Andrew (Drew) McUsic to bring authentic Neapolitan pizza to Detroit. Alessandra is half-Italian, half-Filipina. She grew up on different continents, including Europe, where her family ran a small pizzeria in Naples. When Ale and Drew got married in Naples in 2015, they received pizzamaking lessons from Naples’ Scuola di Pizzaiolo, founded and operated by Fabio Cristiano. They hand-built a wood-fired pizza oven in their backyard after their wedding and this is where the dream started coming to life. Their love for these things led to the birth of PizzaPlex L3C, a community pizzeria in Detroit.
Pizzeria: PizzaPlex
Pizzeria: PizzaPlex
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