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Pizzeria: Mast'


Mast' mean O' Mast. This is the original name, but the way was written it sounded like an common Irish name O' Donnell, O Railey (so encrypted is the O made with wine stain and the apostrophe in the end of Mast to touch the O). I created Mast' to let people know how a Verace Pizza Napoletana was made it because I've been in this country for 20 years and never find a good one to a list compare to our Queen of the food chain in Napoli. I brought the oven from Acunto forni in Napoli, shipped to me by container, than I went to get a very talented young Pizzaiolo in my neighbor, Fabio de Angelis, and I brought him here to help me with my project and now with my Chef that is going to relieve me from the kitchen my team is completed.
Pizzeria: Mast'
Pizzeria: Mast'
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