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Pizzeria: Verace Lubiana

Verace Lubiana

The history of Pizzeria Verace began several years ago, when, in Florence, the idea of ​​this project began to take shape in my mind and in that of Srecko Zimic. After savored "la dolce vita", a mix between a relaxed lifestyle and culinary experiences whose sign distinctive lies in the perfect harmony of a small number of ingredients, we left Italy just to embrace the desire to open a restaurant in Italian style in Slovenia that reminds him of it. Why a Neapolitan pizzeria? This is not difficult to guess: because until now it is not he could find one in Ljubljana. In reality this is a challenge everywhere outside of Italy, at least find one that matches the high standards imposed on the peninsula. In Frankfurt, where we live today, we have so far found only a really excellent Neapolitan pizzeria, although, due to a large Italian community, there is a surplus of Italian restaurants. And so Verace, born from our desire to bring true Neapolitan pizza to pizza lovers in Slovenia. The whole project has come to fruition thanks to hard work and the collaboration of five culinary fans, intertwined with family ties. Fabio Caruso is our main pizza maker, he studied by one of the most illustrious pizza masters of Italy, Giovanni Santarpia, and it is here to delight you with delicious Neapolitan pizzas. Luka Gluvic is the handyman, our true talented artist, who has patiently translated our own ideas and desires in reality and will be able to serve not only Neapolitan pizza, but also of tell you an anecdote about it and much more. Janez Zimic is the project manager of all operations, probably without this project he would still be on a piece of paper. Srecko Zimic, the man who started everything, the heart and soul of the Verace pizza restaurant. Barbara Hren, the author of the texts you are reading and indispensable coordinator, makes sure that everything works as it should.
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