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Pizzeria: Sotto le Stelle

Sotto le Stelle

It all started back in 1965 where Mr. Giorgio Perna was hired by the now famous centenary "pizzeria gorizia" at the plow, where then the founder, pizza chef Salvatore Grasso, transmitted the basics of this beautiful art. Having started his own business, Giorgio was able to pass on his passion for this art to his son Luigi, who now leads the family business   under the sign "UNDER THE STARS" in the plain district   that together with the supervision of the father who certifies the tradition of Neapolitan art and the respect of the canons of the true pizza, they are now an emiliar and established stone of the neighborhood. They carry out their work in a modern structure where they present a warm and welcoming atmosphere where family management pushes them to feel at ease.   I decided to improve and contribute to the art that made the Neapolitan people famous in the world.
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