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Pizzeria: Prisco a Palinuro

Prisco a Palinuro

Antonio Prisco is a 37 year-old young man, born at Vomero, who grew up at his maternal grandparents' home in the heart of Naples, at Piazza Gianvincenzo Gravina in the Arenaccia, breathing the air of Naples and falling in love with the real Neapolitan pizza, especially that of Don Raffaele I took Calata Capodichino, a family friend, because Antonio's grandfather, Mario Mormile, had his mechanical workshop for over 50 years.Antonio rekindles the oven of Gianni Acunto built by his father almost 20 years earlier, as if to write in advance what would have been his future, and in just two years he manages to establish himself in Cilento as a reference point for the true Neapolitan pizza, in a place where until then this extraordinary specialty had not yet a worthy representation and after an experience of two years in the family farm, Antonio decides to bring his pizza in the famous seaside resort of Palinuro, placing himself in one of the most characteristic of the maritime center, the Luigi Rinaldi villa in Piazza Virgilio.
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