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Pizzeria: Užupio Picerija

Užupio Picerija

Užupio Picerija opened its beautiful glass doors in October 2002 and is located in the heart of the artists' quarter of Vilnius (capital of Lithuania), Užupis, between the two main monuments of this district, the angel (in the middle of the square ) and the constitution of the Republic of Užupis. Our pizzeria has been for a long time the only wood oven in Vilnius and has always offered our customers pizzas and dishes following the Italian tradition. Our menu is composed of some traditional Italian dishes, ravioli and homemade gnocchi and desserts of our production. The product that has always stood out in our pizzeria is precisely the pizza prepared following the Neapolitan tradition. Now for 15 years every morning our staff meets to prepare our fresh bread, our focaccia alla genovese and many delicious pizzas for the happiness of our customers.
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