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Pizzeria Dihyang

Dihyang was a pizza lover as far back as he was a youngster. In any case, in Malaysia, he couldn't discover an eatery that considered pizza seriously. Pizza is for the most part considered as bite or fast food in this nation, or only an eatery that won't be put excessively heart on it. With a specific end goal to have the capacity to eat the pizza in his psyche, he learned and do it at home. He was captivated with pizza significantly more with simply the formula he learned and found through the web. Regardless of whether the pizza looks awful in the first place, however he did likewise discover that even in the essence of the batter and garnish of the pizza has been more heavenly than the fast food chain. Obviously, this impact does not fulfill him still. At this time, he realized that he needs to locate a more unique and true method for making a pizza. On the Internet, he at last discovered Vera Pizza Napoletana. He was totally contacted incidentally, logic, history, culture and eagerness of Vera Pizza Napoletana. He realized that he expected to set off to go to southern Italy, the origin and birthplace of pizza – Napoli to figure out how to make a genuine Neapolitan Pizza. At that point bring this colorful social and creative nourishment back to Malaysia, and this is extremely the mission of Pizzeria Dihyang, a genuine Neapolitan Pizza made with individual dreams and enthusiasm.
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