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Pizzeria: Re Carlo

Re Carlo

In 2016, from an idea of ​​the owner on the Salvatore side, thanks to thirty years of experience in the catering world as a pizza chef and owner, and strongly supported by his sons Danilo and Emanuele, a project was born, from which King Carlo will then take light. The pizzeria Re Carlo is inspired by King Charles, first of Anjou, first king of the Kingdom of Naples. It offers a room decorated in medieval style, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere transmitted by the pastel colors of wood, jute and stones. Dough with wheat flour cultivated only in Italy, wisely processed according to tradition, raw materials only of carefully selected excellences and young and qualified service are the strengths of this activity. King Carlo is the right place to spend a pleasant evening in company drinking an excellent craft beer in mugs of terracotta or sipping wine always in earthenware glasses and of course to taste an excellent Neapolitan pizza as tradition dictates.
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