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Pizzeria: Il Caminetto

Il Caminetto

We started our activity in 2013, in Santo Domingo, I was 25 years old, a small wood-fired pizzeria, 50 square meters plus a terraza of 30 others. Classic pizzas, then in the third year I decided to learn the real Neapolitan pizza and I went to Naples to try the best pizzerias, I went back 3 times, I was surprised by the taste and the peculiarity of pizza and decided to learn how to make it, I changed the oven, kneader and method of processing pizza, and now it's the only pizza I make and that I will continue to do. People love this thing, and I do it even more. Now we are the best pizzeria in the city and with great pleasure and humility I will go on to bring the real Neapolitan pizza in the Dominican Republic.
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