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The Excellence of the Neapolitan Eno-gastronomic Tradition joins the modern knowledge of Molecular Sciences in the national and international project THINK HEALTH (THINK SANO!) Today the MOLECULAR EQUILIBRATION starting from the membrane of our cells and from the calibration of the contribution of minerals, among which the SALT, are two objectives of the alimentation for the wellbeing and the prevention, that the SCUGNIZ format pursues proposing the Classic PIZZA NAPOLETANA, today recognized in the Unesco Heritage, created by the pizza maker GUGLIELMO VUOLO and by his son Valerio, with a hyposodic and highly digestible mixture obtained with SEA WATER biologically certified whose SODIUM contribution, with the same amount of sapidity, is 40 times lower than the common kitchen salt. Together with the PIZZA at the ACQUA DI MARE the Executive Chef RAFFAELE VITIELLO, to the more known as CHEF RAF, with Passion, Authenticity and Respect of Traditions expresses in his dishes the exaltation of the raw materials, distancing himself from an excessive manipulation or deconstruction, always taking account of seasonality, possibly at Kilometro Zero, with a view to ethical and environmental sustainability and in observance of the well-known values ​​and benefits of the Mediterranean diet. CHEF RAF and the master pizza maker Guglielmo VUOLO are joined in their eno-gastronomic proposals by the scientific and health advice of Dr. VINCENZO DI DONNA, founding member of the SIMCRI (Italian Society of Regenerative Medicine and Surgery), which has been collaborating with Dr. Carla FERRERI of the CNR of Bologna for the clinical applications of Molecular Sciences and LIPIDOMICA. The SCUGNIZ format wants to make available to ALL a modern concept of WELL-BEING, so that even when it comes to enjoying a good pizza or a good dish, the balance between nutrition and metabolism is at the same time starting from the molecules that make up the recipe. THE BALANCE OF FLAVORS AND MOLECULAR INGREDIENTS as the foundation of a MODERN CONCEPT OF WELL-BEING AT THE TABLE!
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