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Pizzeria: Peperino Pizza & Grill Verona

Peperino Pizza & Grill Verona

It opens in Verona in 2013 PEPERINO pizza & cuisine true in Piazzetta Municipio 10, just adjacent to the legendary "Arena". Managed by Lorenzo and Riccardo Neapolitan doc, with the precious help of Daniela. You will find quality, enthusiasm, warmth and professionalism dictated by the Neapolitan experience in making "pizza", emblem of southern gastronomy. Driven by the experience gained and consolidated in the units of Trieste, Udine, Milan and Pordenone, Lorenzo and Riccardo, they have enthusiastically joined this initiative. Daniela Veronese, Lorenzo and Riccardo Neapolitans, have been able to create the right mix of hospitality and joy with particular attention to courtesy and quality !!! The true Neapolitan pizza is the master with the famous "pagnotti", round stuffed Neapolitan sandwiches that are born from pizza dough.
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