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Pizzeria: Mammina Milano

Mammina Milano

Once upon a time ... cloth, needles, paper patterns and a thread of cotton that still binds two Neapolitan women ... In the tailor shop in Via Partenope 15, the two young seamstresses Giuseppina Mirabella and Assuntina Campanile, between an embroidery and an open stitch , between a silk and a chiffon, between a fringe and a webbing, speaking of flavors, smells and colors they discovered they had in common the passion of the kitchen they were dedicated to on Sundays. Giuseppina, from her kitchen in San Martino with a view of the port of Naples, liked to prepare mezzani alla Genovese that she had left to cook for hours, until her scent could be felt throughout the house. Assuntina was instead dedicated to frying shrimp and squid with the background of the sirens of "Palermo", the ship that connected Naples to Sicily. Driven by their passion for cooking, Giuseppina and Assuntina decided to turn it into a craft, taking over the tailoring and making it an authentic pizzeria trattoria. That was how it was born "Mammina pizzeria and genuine cuisine!"
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