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Doppio Zero

n Naples, the finest pizza is made with “double zero” flour—the finest and lightest grade of flour available. In Mountain View, Cupertino, and San Francisco, the finest pizza and Southern Italian cuisine is still made and served the Doppio Zero way.From our doppio zero flour to our San Marzano tomatoes, from our welcoming atmosphere to our master Pizzailo, doing things the DZ way means giving you the best meal you’ve ever enjoyed—a glass of wine, an animated conversation, and the highest quality ingredients brought together with unparallelled expertise. The DZ way goes far beyond serving up the most authentic (and most delicious!) Neapolitan pizza in Mountain View, Cupertino, and San Francisco. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail can be seen on everything on our menu: specialty hand-crafted cocktails, fresh insalata caprese, calamari and octopus straight from the Mediterranean, and more. Each ingredient individually selected and locally sourced whenever possible, each dish prepared by the inventive and experienced hands of our master Italian chefs. The moment you step through our doors you become a part of our extended famiglia italiana, invited to relax, eat, and enjoy. We know how to treat our guests in Italy—that’s part of the DZ way, too—and we’ll make sure you are happy and satisfied when you leave. We take every effort enhance your meal and your time with us, and are always happy to accommodate special requests. After 200 years of perfection, the true taste of authentic Neapolitan pizza and Campania cuisine is finally in Mountain View, Cupertino, and San Francisco, brought to you the DZ way. There really isn’t any other.
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