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Pizzeria: Nappo


First real Neapolitan pizzeria in Turkey opens its doors at Mavibahce Mall in Izmir. Nappo is a gastropub project focusing on “Fine Casual Dining” concept, combining vera pizza heritage of Naples with the recent chic pub trends of New York. It is a place to have a great dining experience with good music, socializing and enjoying the best quality food and drinks at the same time. In addition to authentic Neapolitan pizza, also fresh pasta, burgers, steaks, tapas, antipasti served, and a full craft beer line as well as top-notch cocktails. “Honest Food” is the motto of Nappo, offering the discerning customer the best handpicked, fresh and unfrozen ingredients available. AVPN Certified Tipo 00 flour and San Marzano tomatoes are imported from Italy to create unique tastes in our Stefano Ferrara wood-fired oven. Just like the “A perfect margherita is always imperfect” slogan on our walls at Nappo, we are extremely proud of every bit of imperfection on our pizzas.
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