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Pizzeria: 4A Mergellina

4A Mergellina

Class 1960, Neapolitan, Guglielmo Vuolo - from 8 years of age in a pizzeria - boasts 50 years of activity in the preparation of Neapolitan pizza. In Naples, with pizzeria 4A, created with the Neapolitan ovens artisan Stefano Ferrara, confirms his passion for simplicity capable of doing any creating a cult. A true traditionalist and curious innovator, Vuolo, since 2014, has dedicated the his commitment, at the counter and in the laboratory, to the creation of a completely different union which is taken for granted between pizza and health, seeking, for its product, more and more lightness and digestibility. He is the author of the first Italian hyposodic functional pizza made with only one sea ​​water 100% Made in Italy, with low sodium chloride content but richer in potassium and microelements, in line with WHO indications, and the first Charter of Tomatoes © of an Italian restaurant, a vademecum for know and choose the most famous and rare varieties of tomato from Campania production. He is Regional Trustee and Chief Instructor of the True Pizza Association Napoletana (AVPN) of which it can boast, the membership card number 30.
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