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Pizzeria: Bufarella- La Pizza di Napoli

Bufarella- La Pizza di Napoli

The project ¨Bufarella la pizza di Napoli¨ was born from an idea by Stefano Versace (founder of the largest Italian ice cream chain in the United States) and Riccardo Romano (the first entrepreneur to create a production of mozzarella with buffalo milk in Florida ). Mozzarella is at the center of the concept and all the dishes offered in the restaurant are created around it, above all pizza. Even the oven, rigorously powered only by wood, was built specifically for Bufarella in Naples, in order to be able to recreate 100% of the conditions to serve an excellent Neapolitan pizza, using flour, tomato and exclusively Italian products. Bufarella The pizza of Naples is not just a pizzeria, a restaurant or a dairy, it is a global and innovative offer of typical Italian dishes.
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