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Pizzeria: La Taverna di Totò

La Taverna di Totò

Entering the Taverna di Totò leads to the true Heart of Naples, a magical place of millenary traditions and ancient flavors, located in the Sanità, the beating heart of the Neapolitan city. And just the Rione Sanità, the center of the Neapolitan "guapperia", is the one that gave birth to Totò, Prince of Laughter, which we chose to pay homage with the name of our pizzeria. Our business is born of a passion: that of handing down the centuries-old art of pizza, as our grandparents have transmitted it, keeping the canons of tradition high. But in a city that is constantly growing and evolving there is also a need for continuous innovation and a desire to improve more and more; for this reason we have chosen to offer to the new generations a little taste of past life, because in every bite of stringy pizza, in every forkful of spaghetti or in every taste of meat sauce that boils, a piece of history is enclosed.
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