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Pizzeria: Amici Trattoria e Pizzeria

Amici Trattoria e Pizzeria

For the pleasure of making good food, with good products and always trying and tasting new flavors. The pleasure of receiving, meeting people and seeing them feel amazed at the flavor that we provide our fun, which is cooking and united by a cultural ideal associated with the culinary art of food and good drink was born Amici Pizzeria & Trattoria in which it is possible only for those who love everything very much. Our pizzas are produced only with Italian CAPUTO 00 flour, the best Italian sweet tomatoes by nature generate our SAUCE and fresh BELLA BUFALA mozzarella. Ingredients such as Italian mushrooms and fresh truffles give the best flavor of a TRUFFLE pizza, in addition to the traditional ones. The POLPETONE fillet mignon roasted in a wood oven and stuffed with Bella Bufala mozzarella, and the pasta with its various sauces give the final refinement to our home. Come and see Amici Pizzeria and Trattoria.
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