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Pizzeria: Prisco a Cava

Prisco a Cava

Following the great success achieved in the Palinuro pizzeria, after the summer of 2019, Antonio Prisco feels that the time has come to consolidate his brand and open what had been the pizzeria of his dreams until then. The location is strategic: in the heart of Cava de 'Tirreni, the small Switzerland of the province of Salerno with a very high catchment area and a great demand for "real Neapolitan pizza", with determination and safety Prisco puts three ovens of the master Stefano Ferrara in the places that were the history of pizza in the city: "L'Aquila d'oro" which since the 30s has been in the heart of the Metellian citizens for its high quality pizza The expectation is not disappointed, and in a very short time, it is again confirmed as a reference point for those who want a product of excellence, true and above all Cilento, Antonio's native land that will give life to many pizzas with the extraordinary products of its territory. Three ovens to satisfy takeaway and especially celiacs, which from Prisco to Cava find a department entirely dedicated and above all distant from contamination, where true Neapolitan pizza becomes for everyone, having also obtained the AIC certification. With a capacity of about 90 seats inside and another 50 outside in the beautiful and ancient courtyard of the building, the restaurant is presented in a simple but elegant way, embellished by the beautiful hand-decorated Vietri ceramic that covers the main wall and the oven counter. The menu is rich in specialties, respecting the seasons, the wine list representative of the best producers of Cilento, with an eye to the bubbles and craft beers.
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