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Pizzeria: Blu Maria

Blu Maria

BluMaria is a family. We are a family pasionate, for showing Ecuador the Traditional Neapolitan Pizza art. BluMaria is located in the middle of the Andes Volcano avenue in the Cumbaya Valley, in the outskirts of the capital city of Ecuador. Here, we are in the center of the world (thus the name of the country which crosses the EQUATOR). The name BluMaria comes from La Madonna (the mother of Christ) who has been the prime example of serving others and completing your tasks in excellence and discipline. Our restaurant is a place where customers feel better than at home and are able to escape the monotony of daily life and enjoy what has been named “The Best Pizza in the Valley”. Others have called it “The best thing i have had in 25 years” others “The BEST PIZZA i have had in my life!!!” We are very excited for our growth which is going at a really fast pace and we look forward to promoting and helping grow AVPN in our region.
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