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Pizzeria: What the Crust

What the Crust

We’re a couple who share a litter of kids, cats, and a love for travelling, eating, cooking and hosting. This small restaurant is our passion project and a lifelong dream to leave our desk jobs behind. Dareen is an AVPN-ceritified pizzaiola and all-round head honcho, and Helmy is the business and numbers guy. We also brought in experts with decades of experience in their respective fields to make sure we make the best food we can make. All of our ingredients are very carefully selected for quality, authenticity and source, whether they are of local or international origin. We’ll be regularly updating our social channels and blog with information about the importance of these ingredients, and why we go to such great lengths to use specific products from specific countries. We believe great food is the best medium through which we can bring people and cultures together. Not fancy shmancy décor. We believe tasty, traditional, time-tested food is good for your body and your soul. Not obscurely-named marketing fads. We believe that it’s possible to offer people the chance to enjoy good food from another continent, as if they were there, without compromise. Not washed-down imitations. We also happen to believe that we can do all of that while respecting each other and the environment. Sounds too optimistic? Maybe. But we’re going to try our best. Come see for yourself! We can’t wait to share our passion with you. Yours The WTC Family
Pizzeria: What the Crust
Pizzeria: What the Crust
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