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Pizzeria: La Caraffa

La Caraffa

La Caraffa is a pizza restaurant, which can truly be called a family, it has always been, since its opening in June of 1981, handled with care by family Arino.
The restaurant is located in Via Piave, has two large rooms with air conditioning, which is added a third in the hottest outdoor terrace dining.
Telling the story of a place that has over twenty years experience in a nutshell is not easy. The greatest glory, sacrifice and reached with meticulous attention to detail and quality are expressed with the awards for the true Neapolitan pizza, first established by the various national championships placings, Europe and worldwide.
Among the pizzas recommend the true Neapolitan pizza and pizza special and particular copyright, including: pizza "Vesuvio," pizza "Conchiglia" and "pizza Pizzorante" and also "O Sole Mio" and "Pavone" so to name a few.
Pizzeria: La Caraffa
Pizzeria: La Caraffa
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